HDMI to VGA cable - Universal Serial Bus ( USB )

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HDMI to VGA cable

Cable _ HDMI
Cable Length: 1.5 meters
Has 1 HDMI male plug, and 1 VGA male plug
Connect your VGA monitor to your HDMI video port on the video converter!
HDMI plug is for better signal quality and higher resolution
Please check your video port & graphics card before ordering
your HDMI port or graphics card must be converting Digital data in to Analog.
HDMI is a digital signal & VGA is analog signal
you will need a Digital to Analog converter for using the cable

Attention Please
Please check whether your device/GPU has the signal conversion function. If not,you need a signal converter or decoder to convert the signal.
HDMI is the input port which is connected to the computer and RCA is the output port which is connected to the TV . HDMI is a digital signal and the color is an analog signal. The HDMI can be transfered to color,but not vice versa.
The cable only has the connection function, it cannot help converting signal.
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