Wire Tone Tracker XQ-350 - Universal Serial Bus ( USB )

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Wire Tone Tracker XQ-350

Protector and tools
* Trace telephone wire/LAN cable
* Trace wire in electrical system
* Verify LAN cable condition
* Continuity test
* Low Battery Indication
* Bright white LED flash light
* Cable Assignment Test: Open, short and cross of LAN cable, 2-wire (RJ11)/4-wire (RJ45) Telephone cable
* Cable State Testing (2-wire) - Line DC detecting and anode, cathode determination, Ringing signal detecting, Open, short and cross test.
* Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch /Router/PC terminal
* Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of telephone wires
* Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of network wires
* It can take place of cable tester
* Compare the volume of the"tout"sound and the brightness of the signal indicator, Then you can find the target wire which has the highest volume and brightest indicator
* Powered by DC 9V battery (for both receiver and emitter).
* The max working current: emitter: <=10mA; Receiver: <=30mA
* Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p
* Signal transmission format: multi-frequency impulse
* Distance of signal transmission: >=3km
* Appearance dimension: 175*42*27mm(receiver); 126*49*34 (emitter)
* Color: Orange
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